Do you offer beginners yoga classes?

Yes, please see our Workshops page for times and dates of our beginners series.

 New series starting Saturdays March 2 – 23 2019.

Can I come to your regular classes even if I am a beginner?

Check the class description, if it states all levels, you are welcome.

What is the cost of your yoga classes?

  • Walk in class fee $15.
  • 3 Class card        $42
  • 4 Class card.       $50



Can I just walk in to one of your classes?

Yes. Unless announced for a special class, all our walk-in classes are open to anyone. Please show up 10 minutes early if it is your first time to ask questions, inform the teacher of any restrictions you have plus there is a short waiver form to fill out.

What if I am late to class?

We understand that you can’t always get there on time and probably experienced some stress trying to get there, so we try not to turn anyone away if they are late. Please take a quick peek through the window to see what we are doing, if we are sat in meditation, please be respectful, just sit outside until we are done meditating and then tip toe your way quietly into the room when we are done. If the room looks full please wait until the instructor gestures you to enter, or comes to the door to let you know there’s no room.

Do you offer Vinyasa classes?

Yes, Tuesdays at 6:00-7:00 am.  Taught by Heidi d’Esposito all levels class

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is the first stage of yoga practice taught by the Natha Siddha lineage. It consists of 10 ethical disciplines, 10 spiritual considerations / observances, asanas – yoga postures, and cleansing exercises called kriyas.

Don’t I practice Hatha Yoga elsewhere?

Chances are you practice yoga asana, which is one aspect of Hatha Yoga, so the answer to your question is partially. However, modern vinyasa practices, power yoga, and some forms of hot yoga go completely against the philosophy of Hatha Yoga and are often calisthenic workouts mixed with some yoga postures, so they are not actually Hatha Yoga. Our classes are pure Hatha Yoga, the philosophical foundation is from the original teachings, with very little influence from modern gym classes.

I am a Christian, will Hatha Yoga conflict with my religious beliefs?

Absolutely not! There is no mention of yoga, whatsoever, in The Bible. The confusion comes in because a verse in The Bible states that Christians should not associate with mystics.  This reference to mystics is in regards to the type of ascetics that used to wander around the Middle East selling his/her mystic skills for profit, such as astrology, palm reading, etc etc… Hatha Yoga is simply a practice that incorporates ethics, spiritual observances, cleanse the body, and calms the mind. There were no Yogis in the Middle East at the time of Jesus so it is not possible for Jesus, or any other figure in The Bible to ban the practice of yoga. In fact, Pope John Paul invited the Dalia Lama to teach Tibetan Yoga (meditation) at the Vatican to help his Cardinals and priests relieve stress. Your religious beliefs are your personal choice.

But isn’t yoga a Hindu practice?

Yoga is a practice, Hinduism is a faith based religion. The yoga teachings are mentioned in many Hindu texts, but are considered separate from Hindu beliefs. You can be a Hindu who does not practice yoga, or a Yogi that doesn’t practice Hinduism. However, most Hindu priests will encourage their congregation to practice some form of yoga as well. A true yoga teacher or guru will accept students from any background; Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, etc. Your religious background is not important! Yoga is a practice and a lifestyle, not a religion.