About Our Saratoga Springs Studio

Our yoga studio is conveniently located in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY, on the corner of Division and Franklin streets. We’re a short walk from Broadway in the heart of Saratoga.

We have a small studio that is designed to induce health and well being at a very high level. The studio is well ventilated, aired out regularly (even in winter), clean, and infused with high quality, organic aromatherapy oils to help you breathe deep, super oxygenate your blood, and boost your immune system. Our studio is gently warmed with a combination of FAR Infrared radiant heating and convection heating, which uses no fans, does not circulate dust, and is allergy friendly. FAR Infrared is the healthiest form of heating available, as it is a form of therapeutic light, the very same light frequency that the sun uses to warm our planet and nourish your tissues. There are many, many wonderful benefits to FAR Infrared, too many to mention here, but in a nutshell, it increases cellular metabolism, increases oxygen uptake, boosts immune system, burns calories, and heals muscle tissue, just name a few.  It’s a very nice environment to practice yoga in!  [:-)]

Namaste Yoga
2 Franklin Square (2nd Floor Rear above Vanity Salon)
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

(518) 222-7470 (Main)