The Yoga Instructors of Namaste Yoga – Saratoga Springs, NY

Our Yoga instructors bring together years of experience with different approaches to yoga practice.

Susan Cuda

Photo taken by Deborah Neary
My yoga journey was a path of rediscovery. From the first class I took, I knew yoga would play a large role in my life; in fact, I closed my custom window treatment business that I owned for 25 years, to become a yoga teacher. I made that decision in 2009, and began my 200 hr teacher training at Yoga Mandali with Gopi Kinnicutt as my teacher. Choosing to be a Yoga teacher was definitely the best life decision I’d made, this was to be my path of service.
Photo taken by Greg Cuda
Matt began his yoga journey in 2005 and has been leading class at Namaste Yoga for over a year. His initial practice was an Ashtanga vinyasa style yoga that suited his life’s resume. Matt has been rock climbing for 34 years and yoga revealed itself as a complementary practice. Another major influence in his interest in yoga is his background in the martial arts. Matt has been studying and training in Martial Arts for more than 30 years.

Heidi d’Esposito

Heidi found yoga almost 20 years ago, albeit reluctantly, when she appeased her best friend by accompanying her to a vinyasa class while visiting Montreal.  After that first class, it was safe to say she wasn’t “hooked” and it took her nearly 8 years of taking the occasional yoga class at her local gym before she would eventually fall in love with the practice.  

While working as a nurse in NYC, the fast-paced life of the city that never sleeps left her craving the quiet moments on her mat in order to ground and center. Without realizing it, she had slowly morphed into a yogi….


Carol Rose

Carol Rose is a NYS licensed Speech and Language Pathologist. She has worked in this field for over 30 years, having had the honor of teaching children from birth to high school with a variety of abilities. Her passion has always been to help each individual child find “their voice”, foster confidence, and believe in their self-worth. Each one has a unique gift to share.


Tara Amazon


Originally a New York native, Tara discovered yoga while beginning her bachelor’s degree In a small southern town. She realized quickly that a hatha practice is what she was longing for all along. She spent the remainder of her 20’s deepening her asana and pranayama practice.

Craving a life a tiny town couldn’t provide her, Tara moved to New York City. Here she completed her…..


“Nothing can dim the light that shines within.” – Maya Angelou